Terms and Conditions

Then we invite you to review the general conditions governing the purchase of products through www.rockillos.com. In this sense, the use of this website constitutes your agreement to these terms.

For any question or suggestion, please send your comments to tienda@rockillos.com mail or call
877062664 (If not attended, leave message on voicemail and your call will be answered as soon as possible. But it can also call 644 344 542)

Supply coverage
The products offered are distributed in Spain, the European Union countries and around the world, with different shipping costs.

Purchase warrants
Items offered on this website are a selection of products of different brands of baby clothing. You can see the list in the menu of products and get more information in the back room of www.rockillos.es.
Each product is accompanied by his name, image, description, sizes available and price, in order to display it as closely to reality. However, the color on screen may be subject to variation, depending on the quality of your computer.

Purchase procedure
a) The articles that you wish to purchase must be selected and added to the shopping bag by clicking on its icon.
b) The shopping bag contains the reference of the selected item, your name, size and price.Below is a box where you can find important observations on the order or delivery.
c) The order form will request personal data will be added to our database in order to process the order and to facilitate the construction of new shopping www.rockillos.com. Remember that personal data should be indicated with any accuracy to avoid confusion or incidents in sending the item / s purchased. You can enter a billing address and a different order for delivery.
d) Once completed purchase order, and before sending the request, submit a summary identifying the item purchased, total price (including shipping and taxes) and shipping information. The order must be confirmed by clicking on the "Place your order". Do not forget to also check that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
e) The purchase will be paid by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal (by credit card or Paypal only if EU countries and Rest of World)
f) Confirm the transaction, send an email with a description of the order and the personal data that have been reported. This message will include, if you have chosen bank transfer, the account number that must be done, and the conditions thereof. The non-receipt of this message can be due to a temporary problem on the network communications or any clerical error in the email address provided. In both cases, it is advisable that you send us an email to tienda@rockillos.com.
h) The software, by default, it is still possible to buy items that do not have in stock. But, if for any problem, at the time of issuing the order, no stocks of any product included in it, the customer will be notified. In addition, the amount of the Article will not be charged and re-send an updated invoice.

Payment and Security
Payments are by bank transfer, card or through Paypal. The Paypal has a small surcharge. All costs of payment by transfer shall be borne by the customer. To transfer payments at the time of acceptance of order, provide customer account number which must make the deposit. For reference, during it, the customer must indicate your order number and your full name. The customer will have one within 3 working days from the date you placed your order for payment.The order will not be accepted until it is found effectively to have been received income. If after that period, Rockillos has not received the amount, the order will be canceled.

For shipments within the EU and Rest of the world, the only methods of payment card and Paypal.

The transportation of the items purchased will be held www.rockillos.com certificate via postal letter or parcel through blue (e), depending on the number of items, if the client elects to send the certificate. In this case, the package will be delivered within 5-7 days, counting from when we receive the transfer. The user can also choose the emergency certificate will be delivered within approximately 48 hours, by registered letter or by e-urgent agency, after receiving the transfer on our account.

The conditions will be different for shipments to the European Union and Rest of World (7-15 days) and only by regular certified mail.
To avoid problems in delivery (incorrect addresses, inability to find someone at home etc.), Is indispensable for correctly completing the form, be advisable to fill the box relating to your contact.
The exact price of transport is calculated in the shopping cart, depending on the option chosen, and presented on the page that summarizes the purchase before order confirmation.
It will not be possible to ship orders to PO boxes.
www.rockillos.com offers complimentary transportation to all its customers after a purchase of $ 100.

Shipping to EU and Rest of World
We only accept submissions by regular certificate and payment must be made exclusively by credit card or Paypal.

Shipping Summary
Spain: normal Certificate: EUR 5,50

Urgent Certificate mrw: 5,90 / EnvĂ­alia: 6,50

France: 5,50 euros

Portugal: 7 euros

Andorra: 3,80 or 5,50 euros

Rest of EU countries: 15 euros

Rest of World: 25 euros


Hand delivery
Hand delivery shall be made for orders in which the user pick the product himself in the direction previously agreed with the store. Option available to users who live in or near Reus and Barcelona and surroundings. In this case, payment shall be made in cash. (Check Availability of other types of payment on the phone or 644 344 542 977 391 747) In this option, the shipping is free.

Rockillos allows gift / s to your friend as from your own computer. The purchasing system is the same as for a personal purchase. The only requirement is chosen shipping costs comply with the direction of receiving the gift.
In addition, you can write a personalized message of congratulations to the recipient that will appear in the document accompanying the goods, in the comment section of your order and delivery.
The recipient also enjoy all the options for change and / or repayment available to our customers.

Exchanges and refunds
If, after receipt of purchase, the product has any defect or defect or does not correspond to the size, www.rockillos.com allows exchange or refund within seven days, counting from the date of receipt, provided that the garment has not been used or damaged. Thus www.rockillos.com can not accept exchanges or returns of damaged or used items or without original packaging. No change is supported by a different model, can only be changed in size. The exchange or refund can be made by post (we recommend ship by registered mail or return receipt requested) to the address we indicate, after contacting us via e-mail: tienda@rockillos.com.
Upon receipt / s / products, Rockillos verify they are in good condition and shall send the required size, if reimbursement is sought for exchange or refund the purchase amount to the user account that you have provided, that has to be from a bank of the country, or the card that the user had paid.
Shipping of the products that you wish to exchange or return (unless fault of rockillos) will be paid by the Customer and in any case, Rockillos accept returns sent freight collect. If the return is a defect or flaw, all shipping costs shall be borne rockillos.com.

To buy Rockillos all users will register. The data will be kept in the database www.rockillos.com to process the order and to perform with greater ease and speed your purchases.

Security and Privacy
All information provided by customers Rockillos will be used only to process purchase orders, to facilitate browsing and buying items on the page, and to inform through e-mail of new products, special offers and news several related to this website.
Rockillos guarantee that the information provided by customers will not be shared with third parties or companies. Personal data received will be treated in accordance with Law 15/99 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and other regulations currently in force in Spain.Users of this site can always access, modify and cancel the data included in the registration form, in writing, by e-mail to tienda@rockillos.com.

In Rockillos can purchase 24 hours a day seven days a week, all year round.

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